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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Take Shelter!

If you live in Oklahoma chances are you are going to experience severe weather and chances are that will include tornadoes. This is probably one of the biggest drawbacks of this area; at least for me! I do NOT like severe weather especially of the tornadic type. Since we have been here there have been two severe storms and one did produce a tornado, both came with sizable hail. As I said I am a fan of neither. Having a safe place to go in these storms is comforting and smart.

Our friends who live here are in the market for a storm shelter so we took some time to go looking at the options with them while we are here. It was a learning experience for all of us! Glad I am not in the market for one. Though trying to drive away from the storm isn't always the answer or a smart choice either. Can we just wrap our rig in bubble wrap?

There are several options. Most are in the ground type but that will not do for their situation. No firm decisions but at least they are more aware of their options and can start to do some location planning and decide on their budget for this major purchase.


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