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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Falcon 9 Launch (and more)

Today we were blessed to be able to view the launch up close and personal due to the fact that Three Doors Down is in the area for the launch!  Way cool!!! Course this was the "third time's a charm" launch and we actually ended up on the Cape side a little closer on the ITL causeway then the two times before when we were on the Kennedy side; it was all good! 

However, before we even knew for sure that the launch was on we were up early to catch the sunrise over the Atlantic this morning. Little cloudy but beautiful nonetheless!!! First time since we've been here we've gotten up to do this! We sort of enjoy sleeping in!

Sunrise 3 DEC 2013

After the sunrise and breakfast at the club (FREE) and seeing how nice a day it was going to be we decided to head to the beach. I enjoyed some quality suntime as well as book reading time and MiRV got great waves. He probably had his best surfing day to date, catching over 20 waves! It was a fantastic beach day!!!

  One of the M A N Y waves caught today!!

Once we had the good word that the launch was on we headed to the pick up point for the ride out to the Cape. The ride out brought back many fond memories of our time here and we even ran into a former mate while at the launch!

 Kennedy Space Center! (from out first trip attempt)

  We got swag (again, on the first attempt)

This was a launch to allow satellite communications for TV broadcasting. It was also a very big deal to get this rocket off the ground. TO SUCCESS for the hard working SpaceX team it was amazing!

Since we are so familiar with launching of rockets and shuttles we were not surprised that this thing did not go on the first attempt, it didn't even go the second time (on Thanksgiving day no less) so as I mentioned "third time IS a charm" and off she went! It was incredible to be so close we saw and felt it! It was such a clear sky we saw the separation too, which was awesome. It's neat to be able to see things like this, THANKS Three Doors Down!! Glad we were able to continue to chase the launch and be there! You and your team rock!
Oh and as a bonus there was a rockin' sunset! 

What a great FULL day for us!!!


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