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Saturday, December 21, 2013


It's our ONE year anniversary with Sunny! It was one year ago today that we started this incredible journey! I blogged it here on a short lived blog that I started and then decided it wasn't the right fit.

So the year has gone by quicker then I imagined and yet it seems like we have been doing this forever already (in a good way). I am amazed at how quickly we adapted and have been Living the dream... Cheesy I know but truer words can't have been thought or written!

We have made some great memories and we are looking forward to making more. It's been a year of learning, challenges and doubts. It's been a year that we feel pretty darn great and incompetent all in the same moment, it's been incredible. We are looking forward to continuing even if that wasn't the original plan, it's the new plan now! We are planning to go for year two, yep that's right, we are planning year two right now. And we are super excited about the possibilities!

Stay tuned as we continue to LIVE THE DREAM!

 The view we have not grown tired of seeing...


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