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Friday, December 13, 2013

Tampa Mail Run!!

It's been awhile since we've had real mail. I mean we get the updates over the phone and we get the scans but to put our hands on our own mail; well, it's been awhile! Since one of MiRVs brothers live across the way to the west and he had been in MO last month he brought the mail accumulation with him for delivery to us. A whole box (and to be honest not much of it was really needed at all!) A couple items did need attention (you know county taxes) but the rest with the exception of MiRVs magazines was dumpster material as my dad often says! So we stripped our name off of it and sent it on it's way to the dumpster. That was only after we burned a little of it in the fire pit! Now, that was fun, too bad there are no pictures!!!

If only the junk would stop, but at least there was no charge in this delivery. Thanks MM!

  And MiRV really has enjoyed looking at these since we returned...

Yep, C broke out the wine to go with dinner!

We also enjoyed visiting while we were there and there was a great steak dinner too, thanks for grilling out MM we really had a great time!

Tangelo tree in their front yard...can you say SOUR and seeds :(

As we trekked back we stopped at the B I G  R V place! Kinds neat to look around but not gonna be seeing us in anything they had on their lot anytime soon. But we did have fun just ogling it all and thought nope, nope, maybe, someday, definitely NOT and okay maybe on the different options and setups. For the most part they were rigs equipped way too fancy to us, I mean TWO bathrooms, really in an RV, I think not...but it's probably on somebodies must have list, just not mine! And like MiRV said, "I think we did pretty good on what we got and what we paid; in fact, I'm really happy with what we have." I totally agree with him. :)

Have a great day all!

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