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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Local FUN Find

While out doing a few errands and shopping a few days back we happened by a new place in town Volcano Island Eatery. 

 Oh my, how exciting to find this little place!

Well, let's be honest what really caught our eye was the "Bakery" signage on the building, along with the word Portuguese. Wow, we have to go back. So we did, they have just recently opened! We were so excited to find they are actually from the Azores, which is where we were stationed back in the day on the island of Terceira. They hail from San Miguel. When we rode by the first time I did not notice the actual name of the establishment I just saw the word signs "Portuguese" and "Bakery". After we made it back by and inside I noticed the "islands" and knew they were Azorean. They have green soup and will soon have papo secos (pronounced pup sec) a wonderful Portuguese roll. They also have Portuguese sweet bread along with malasadas (on weekends). We haven't had malasada's since we were in Hawaii. Can't wait to have them again.

 Me with the owner!

We had a treat and got some bread to go and promised we would be back for soup soon! Can't hardly wait~


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