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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sea Turtles

I love, love, love sea of the COOLEST things I have gotten to do in life is hold a leather back sea turtle, it happened while we were stationed here at Patrick a few years ago, it was just totally the most awesomest thing to get to do!!!

Several days ago while on the beach we came across a dead sea turtle on the beach. So sad! We immediately called the Sea Turtle Preservation Society to report it and within minutes the volunteer was there to take the stats and make a formal report. MiRV even helped him out. We have talked about volunteering with this organization in the past but when we were living here we just had too many commitments. I think this was just the nudge to get out there and DO IT.

 Recording the stats.

 Such a sad sight to see...

We have now joined the cause!!! We are official members of the STPS and will soon be full fledged volunteers!!! I'm so excited! 

I hope you have or will find causes to share your time and talents. There are so many worthy organizations out there and one could run ragged trying to help them all but it never hurts to join in and help out no matter where you are or what your status in life. Volunteering is a good thing and I think we should all be doing it. Usually we put our main focus within the church we associate with but since we have a little more time right now we are expanding our horizons!!


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