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Thursday, December 5, 2013

November Money Matters

Time for our monthly update...surprise, we moved again...just wanted to make sure you knew that in case you missed that posting!! 

Other major items of financial interest was a battery for the CRV ($110.21), lifetime membership dues for GoodSam ($149.00) and RV insurance was due this month ($901.00). That (RV ins) is one of our yearly expense that we set aside a little each month to cover. MiRV did look at changing companies but after comparison shopping we are staying with what we have.

The big picture breakdown for November looks like budget did pretty good even for having the Thanksgiving meal. We were UNDER budget!!! Did you catch that, UNDER budget!!! I tell you having an Aldi around is most awesome!!! I even stocked up on my coffee since BB&B offered 20% off entire purchase on Veteran's Day. Just the kind of sale I was hoping for! The CRV battery puts us over on that line item for the month but not overall.

Surprise! OVER AGAIN on food out...our wallets are taking a beating here! I will be making an adjustment for this line item for 2014, just gotta bite the bullet and do it since we are so consistently over! Ughhhh!

Christmas is coming; glad we save all year long for this and won't take a huge hit there. However, I was a little dismayed to see how are personal property taxes increased; nearly DOUBLED...we did add the RV, traded SMARTie for Deuce and upgraded to the newer Accord for MrsBud. So I knew we had changes just never expected the changes to cause that much of an increase. So glad that we put a little away each month for this expense and that we have the excess to take care of the increase! That will definitely be a line item that gets adjusted for 2014!!

November's stats -

Charitable Gifts $430.00 (O)

RV Slots $500.00 (U)
RV Fuel $126.55 (U)
CRV Fuel $89.50 (U)

CRV Upkeep $110.21 (O)
RV Exp/Upkeep/Maint $191.15(U)

Groceries $217.77 (U)
Cell Phone $110.00
Eating Out $155.53 (O)

Gifts $29.11 (U)

Entertainment $8.00 (U)
Laundry $3.00 (U)

(O) = OVER 

Again, seeing the numbers in print helps me! So bear with me if you are bored by these updates! And I'm a happy girl since dollars made it into savings again this month...and we are certainly living within our means and meeting our goals financially for this stage and that is such awesomeness for us! 


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