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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wednesday Words - Riselli

Old friends are the best friends. Especially when you pick up like no time has passed. 
~Katye Riselli *

This is E.X.A.C.T.L.Y. how I feel about CLP!  We were in Italy together, and each time we've been able to reunite we pick up like no time has passed, it's wonderful! Recently, we were able to spend a couple days together while we were in Destin. We went Goodwill shopping for a theater performance she is costuming, did lunch and made a couple bookstore stops! We had such a good time! In addition we had dinner with our guys several evenings, I am thankful our paths were able to cross again!

 GREAT Friends!!!

Make sure your life is enriched with friendships like this! 


* I actually have the honor and privilege to really KNOW Katye Riselli in person and she just has a worth with words you might say! And I think she's pretty darn awesome!

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