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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wednesday Words - Barton

At church a few weeks ago the message was on forgiveness... 

The quote (encounter) the pastor used has stuck with me. I have been mulling it over a lot ever since. I guess that means it made an impact and therefore I share it with you today for Wednesday Words...

Clara Barton, the nurse who founded the American Red Cross in 1881, made it a rule never to hold onto resentment.

A friend once reminded her of a cruel incident some years previously, but Barton seemed not to recall it.

"Don't you remember the wrong that was done to you?" the friend asked.

"No," Barton answered calmly. "I distinctly remember forgetting that."

I really love the concept of her thought. However, I will also not hesitate to admit it is not as easy to follow her least in my world! I don't always forget so easily. It served as another gentle reminder I am to continue to work on this.
I could probably go on to say so much more but suffice to say I need to distinctly forget some things...


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