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Monday, May 18, 2015

All in a days work...

When we have a work day we make it count!

Today we were mowing, weed whacking, chain sawing and hedge trimming at two different locations! Oh yeah, that's us do it all in one day so w can feel those sore muscles the next day!

It started with mowing the neighbors yard, then on the hedge trimming which quickly turned into chain saw work that led to weed whacking. After a chili dog lunch we were fortified to continue and returned tot the neighbors to finish mowing, blowing and weed whacking there as well as cleaning the garbage can and sweeping out the garage.

Chain saw helped a lot with the thinning of this area! 
Brush pile #2 was created... 
Last week MiRV sprayed this same area and we are starting to see the progress on that.

On our way back to the folks for showers we happened upon a gentleman down on his luck so we fueled him up and got him on his way north toward Bismarck, ND. He was one of those sign holding folks in the Wal-Mart parking lot requesting gas. We obliged, seemed like a genuinely nice fellow who truly was in need. Sometimes you just get that feeling this is a real need and you can meet it.


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