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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Run MiRV Run!

Since our return to MO after the BIG Move we have really (really) been trying to get in some regular physical activity. It seems so hit and miss with us and this nomadic lifestyle. It's taking it's toll on the way my clothing fits. It's sad. So MiRV has been putting in some miles. I have been riding my bike while he runs or taking walks.

Rocking the run in the HOKAs
New running shoes a few weeks ago have been good. A blister did appear on the first run or two but adjustment in lacing and all seems well. He really thinks they are going to be great. This from a long, long time ASICS wearer who is now seemingly sold on HOKAs.

Also been working hard on portion control. I pray it helps, I so don't like my clothing being so tight and I certainly don't wish to have to spend good money on new clothes. That provides some motivation to slimming back down, 

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