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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Middle Creek State Fishing Lake

It's been a looooong week. Since we can, we did. After we had Roada worked on today it was late in the day, we were tired and it had been a rainy drive so we were spent. We were going to mosey on down to our MO landing pad which is about 75 miles south; however, we decided to check out one the boondocking sites we had spotted instead. Again, since we can, we did, isn't that pretty darn awesome. I love not having to keep a rigid schedule, it's glorious.

We went west just a few short miles, stopped in town for a few provisions, then settled in for the night. I think we were just ready to be still and enjoy the quiet for a bit with no interruptions, expectations or interactions. Spending the last week and a half cleaning, packing, loading, moving, etc, etc has taken its toll and we just needed some downtime. I think it's safe to say Middle Creek State Fishing Lake fills the bill. it's a little gem. There are boats out on the lake, but we are the only ones camping.

Nice view...IMO

While we knew there were no hookups, nor onsite water, it had also been reported there were no facilities. Update the books folks as we were pleasantly surprised to find there are vault toilets. Jackpot in our book, cause we while we are good for no hookups and have our own onboard water we do prefer toilets be available. Win, win! We will be keeping an eye on the sky as there is some weather expected overnight but otherwise I think we are in for a very nice stay.


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