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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Unpacking and Settling In

Since there is room in these new living quarters for ALL the things we had in storage it is now time to go through ALL these said things we had in storage. If Mr & Mrs Bud don't want it then we have to decide if we want it. This is NO EASY process. We held on to many things because they did want them; we are pleased that it will bless them and save them considerably in furnishing their place. But why we held on to other things, well, I  have no idea.
So, for four loooong days now we have sorted, stashed, laughed and trashed things we have had for many, many years. Again, it's not an easy process to part with so many memories. We took a lot of pictures because honestly, no one needs that much memorabilia, ever. Seriously. We did try to keep the most treasured of items, Like the crystal candy dish and cuckoo clock from Germany, I mean those are functional. We will need a clock and want candy, right? We also kept pictures, lots of pictures. Of course, I kept kitchen things, but not in bulk. I just don't think I will be throwing dinner parties for oh say 30 again. And if I do they make this great disposable stuff now, so I think I'm good. We made several trips to Sally Ann where we hope someone else will benefit from our stuff. 
We also helped unpack and set up their house with them. Naturally, we started out with the kitchen and bath, got the bedrooms in order and moved on to the media room and garage. The garage housed for the most part all "our" boxes that needed to be gone through. Again, it was a huge task to get through all that "stuff" but we did prevail. Well, for the most part! We will go back in a few weeks to finish up some of the paperwork boxes.

 We had our first meal around the table Monday night! Steak on the grill, a little new home celebrating! 
There were beds put together and beds made to work! Of course we got the main bed up by sleep time Saturday night. However, we had to adapt and overcome with the next bed set up...that's always been our family motto anyway . It was no exception with getting this bed together that has missing rails. A couple trips to the local hardware store, some scrap wood I thought we should have ditched and we have a headboard set up that will work until the rails can be retrieved. We also have a table with missing legs but it will just have to stay in the garage until the legs can be reunited with the table since I don't think there is an economical hardware store fix for that right now!
Making it work...
Took time out to make a Cinco De Mayo meal. Kelley's burritos, black bean corn salsa with chips and call it good. Long day of sorting and purging and anything quick and easy sounded like a winning plan. It was yummy!
Since it was our last day, we felt the need for a break. Pizza is always a good choice with this crowd so we headed out to the local pizza place where we had fries. Oh and pizza, yeah, crazy, but they have THE best fries. They are waffle fries and they are really absolutely the yummiest!
  Gonna miss these two...
It's our last day and yes the garage can house the car...could've happened sooner but as long as it happened before we left that was the goal!!

Car fits! 
So we are off tomorrow to have a few things taken care of on Roada then on to MO for a spell. The good news is that Mr and Mrs Bud will be down for the weekend. More fun to come.
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