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Friday, May 1, 2015

TEAM 56 Graduation

The long awaited for day is finally's been over six months ago that the training academy began and nearly a year since the application process was started. It's a proud day! Congrats Bud and TEAM 56

As we parked we caught sight of them taking the official class photo. MiRV snuck on up and got us an unofficial one! What a great looking group, so professional looking, such bearing, no smiles, all business. We found out later it is taboo to smile in uniform...


The newest NSP Trooper with our daughter!
It was really nice that her grandparents made the trip for this special occasion as well. After graduation we all headed to the Trooper's favorite restaurant for a little celebrating. A very memorable day and an extremely proud moment for all. Way to go Team 56.



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