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Saturday, May 9, 2015

Riding down memory lane...literally!

While the daughter was in town we headed over to visit with the Grands and while there she spies her childhood bike. The things grandparents hang onto...oh, wait, I have no room to talk after spending the last few days going through box after box of things I have held onto. Anywho, she spies her bike, grabs it and takes it for a spin.

First issue found was the kick stand wouldn't stay up, a zip tie solved that little setback, onward she goes, whoops, second issue noted, tires are flat. MiRV grabs the air compressor and in no time she's in business.

Now this is our grown, in the eyes of the law, child riding her bike up the lane at her Grands, is life any better! LOL This is also the same bike that sent her to the ER for her first set of stitches. She tried some wicked Evel Knievel moves in the neighborhood cul de sac in say 1996-97 that met with an uncooperative curve. Chin meet handle bars, handle bars meet chin and five stiches later with an ice cream treat and life is good.
Grandpa seems a bit skeptical!

 And there she goes...
The bike was originally left in MO for summer visits and kept cause there are those have followed her but it hasn't seen much action as of late. She gave it a good little workout and it went back into its spot until its next rider happens along.


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