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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Another BIG move

Soooo after the BIG graduation, it was time to get on with the BIG move. Since there was rain, rain and more rain in the forecast we made a command decision to make some calls to get the moving truck picked up early. It took some cajoling but they helped me out, thanks Jordan at Penske in Pennsylvania, you rock! We spent Friday late afternoon emptying the storage unit into the truck.  MiRV and I work really well together and it was emptied in no time!

 Storage Unit...

 Truck being loaded at the storage unit.
Since it went so smoothly at the storage unit and I guess we were feeling somewhat overly ambitious we headed on over to the apartment to load up all the boxes. We were racing against losing daylight but we did it!
 Dinner was McD's on the the dark, with the apartment dwellers looking on! I think we were quite entertaining for them.
And let me just address the lift. It's an awesome thing. So say that if you ever need to rent a Penske truck and they don't have the ramp, don't argue. If they say we only have the lift; run don't walk to take that lift truck. Cause honestly, it's waaaaaay better than the ramp. Really, really it is! I now love the lift and loathe the ramp! And having moved say 3 or 4 times in the last three years you can trust me on this! And you can also take this to the bank. Check out online, put in all your info, get your quote; then wait for the call from them. Talk with them, tell them you need a better deal. You won't be sorry. Make sure you don't wait til the last minute, give yourself a couple weeks minimum to work a good deal. We have rented from them several times and always gotten a good deal. Ask for discounts you won't be sorry!
With all the work we got done on Friday this made today a much lighter day. It was a great move on our part to get the ball rolling early as the rain did move in. So this morning we waited for the break in the rains before we started. We had a little more wiggle room with time since we were already out of the storage unit. We did have just a few sprinkles late this morning. However, it was pouring at our originally planned start time at 0700. Not to mention we found out as we were leaving the storage unit last night that there was a "Storage Wars Omaha Style" going on starting at 9:30 a.m. this morning at our facility. We may or may not have been done before that bedlam started so it was really, really good we were out last night! Another blessing for sure!
 Rockin' a great load spot at the apartment. Last night we were not so fortunate and had to park in the road.
So, honestly, our morning did start out a little bumpy with a non starting truck. Thankfully, however, Penske had their mobile unit in the metro area respond and we were back in business in almost no time. 

We (read that Bud and MiRV with a little help from myself and Mrs Bud) then quickly had the furniture on board, tied everything down and prepared to head south. Checking out of the apartment, stops for lunch, gassing up cars, making last minute drop offs and we are ready to roll south.

MiRV and I caravanned together. Bud passed us and Mrs Bud caught up to us just in time to lead us through the tricky part of Lincoln; then she sped off to catch up with Bud and get the keys to the house. We were happy to find extra hands available for the unload this 26 foot truck when we arrived. Also thankful we could get the Penske down the alley...we only brushed a few tree limbs and cable lines. Unloading in the back was so much easier. Also grateful that the local church up the street let us park Roada there while unloading so she wouldn't be out on the street!

Things went well and we were unloaded in record time. The landlord even pitched in! No major injuries that we are aware of other then some sore muscles and a few bruises. We were excited to be able make our way back up to Lincoln before dark to drop off the truck...and a day early to boot. We can call it D.O.N.E.

Gassing up before we return the truck!

Getting the truck back early was another blessing we didn't realize until we were in Lincoln and learned that the Lincoln marathon is tomorrow. Honestly, chances are we wouldn't have been returning before it was over, but traffic could have been a bit snarly with all the extra people around town. Another blessing for sure to be totally done. It was DQ for dinner with ICE CREAM afterwards. Shhhh don't tell but MiRV and I had a Frosty in Lincoln after we returned the truck!


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