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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Latest Graduate!

Way to go girl! She is the last of the 'little girls" to graduate! So proud of all of them! They have started a completely new generation of educated women. So often we miss the big family events so it was really neat that we were able to make the graduation at College of the Ozarks to see our niece graduate. Another bonus was Mr and Mrs Bud were also in town and went along. I love it when things come together like that.

Our picture with the graduate!
Graduation coincided with Mother's Day, it's not often I am with the daughter on this was nice, we had DQ on our way home. We didn't snap a picture of us DQ but we do have one from Grill yesterday!
 LOVE them!
Since we aren't often all together at the same time we snapped a few...we are "the girls"
And then there is also this group picture from today! The whole fam damily, well, minus one. He doesn't like to travel very far anymore :(

The other exciting news of the day is that MiRV used our newly replaced fire extinguisher. You see the guy up the street was cooking sausage and got distracted and it started burning. Flames were leaping up pretty good, I didn't enter the residence, I stayed outside and dialed 911 :) Lest you think we lead a boring life, we do not, we were nearly hit on I-65 going to the graduation this afternoon when a white pickup truck hydroplanes and spun into the median, as he was trying to gun it to get out he nearly put it into the side of the Accord. We felt our guardian angel was working overtime today!
#VolunteerFirefighter / #OCC / #FamilyGathering

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