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Saturday, May 10, 2014


Our stop in Charleston was mainly for the sole purpose of reuniting with MiRVs deployment daughter! I was thrilled to finally met my deployment daughter! While MiRV was on his last year long deployment he was adopted and gained a daughter which also gained me a daughter and while I have felt like I have known her through him and various texts, emails and Facebook we have finally met. She is a delight! We were able to see her twice...once for dinner and then again in downtown Charleston. Glad it worked out on our route to stop in!

We met on Friday evening at the Olive Garden

We also met B! Fun times, great evening!

Then since we were going to do the downtown area we decided to meet up at the famous dessert place they told us DID NOT disappoint...caramel apple spice cake, oh yeah! But I can tell you this eating so much pants are getting too tight! UGH! K had the blueberry cake and she let us taste it, oh my, yummmmmm!

 All of us before we go our separate ways...

The rest of the day we just explored the area and enjoyed their historic district where the architecture was lovely to look at and the foliage was gorgeous (though it made my eyes swell and my nose run). The river walk area was neat too and we saw, yes, dolphins!

 The market had something for EVERYONE...I could have dropped some cash if I had a place to put it but since I don't I settled for eye shopping!

 Loved the pineapple fountain and the river swings!

Even though it was pretty warm we enjoyed the walking around! We also had wonderful BBQ pork sandwiches for lunch. Since it was the Confederate Memorial day here there was no shortage of men in seersucker suits and straw hats, neat to see! I also took note of all the "dressed" southern women, bless their hearts, they do look good though!

Tomorrow it's off to North Carolina!

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