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Thursday, May 8, 2014

DIY AC seal replacement

Well, our plan was to head to the beach...that didn't quite work out but thankfully replacing an AC gasket ourselves did. Prayer is powerful, never forget that. We had a little bit of runoff way back last fall and thought it was a leveling issue, hasn't happened again until this week, again thought it was a leveling issue. Solved that still had some moisture so knew there was a deeper issue. MiRV felt the AC seal was in need of replacement. So we start googling and looking into it and find it's not too tough but I am anxious on things such as this so I am just praying for direction and confidence to do what we need to do.

A few phone calls to local RV shops and no go for getting us in to have it done. Another call to a good RV tech in LA gives us the encouragement we need to tackle it ourselves. Yep, it was definitely within our DIY comfort zone and saved us some BIG bucks. Thank you Lord, I love how we can see our God take care of even the little things like AC gaskets it's just amazing how powerful and amazing He is!

It was a super HOT day and we were sweating buckets but we both got down to business and got it done!

 Cleaning the opening was extremely important so the new seal would work to keep out the runoff. It was a pain but worth it. The old seal was hard to get off as was the sticky stuff it was stuck on there with and since we didn't think we should use googone (cause it's oily and might not allow the new seal to adhere well) we just used that good old fashioned elbow grease!

 It was soooooo HOT in the RV we did lunch outside, thankfully, the it was a not a breezy day and we were able to have the awning out. And lunch was already packed in the cooler since we had planned for a beach day! Love easy when it's so warm and you are HOT!

 Even after the seal was replaced and we got the AC running again it took quite awhile to cool back down so we did dinner outside too. It was nothing fancy just cheese, crackers, chips, salsa and a bit of bubbly grape juice. Just the ticket for such a day as this.


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