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Friday, May 30, 2014

Getting to NYC via some costly TOLL BRIDGES

Actually, we are in NJ...but we are taking the train to NYC. Driving here was not without fanfare, thanks to roadwork and rain, oh yes, rain. Which thankfully was just that, no storms just the moisture. And the road construction ON THE BRIDGE nearly made me faint. Until we got to the toll booth and it was $24 dollars and then I did pass out. Seriously, TWENTY FOUR DOLLARS, that was after the $12.00 earlier in the day. Maryland you charge entirely TOO much to cross your bridges and I hope I don't ever cross them again...

Toll roads we avoided in MD and NJ. NJ is full of tolls, since we came in from the south headed north we did not incur the Delaware Memorial Bridge toll, thankyouverymuch :) Since we had already forked over $36 in bridge tolls this made me happy!

We are now set up at Earle Naval Weapons Station and plan to jump on in to NYC. We drove the area and found the light-rail station as well as a couple of ferry terminals; exploring our options. The weather is unusually cool which is nice but a bit of a shock to our system. The low of 48 our first night here made me dig out the little heater and my long sleeve sleep shirt!

The beaches are mostly closed where we drove. There is lots of Hurricane Sandy repair still going, too.

 On the Jersey shore!

Our first hidden gem find was the Gateway National Recreation Area. Such a place to explore and we drove all around finding the Sandy Hook Lighthouse as well as Old Fort Hancock. Lots of history there. I really never thought about much of it. We stumbled in and learned much, if you are traveling and want to pop in to our national parks I recommend the NPS PASS. It will be worth the purchase price!

I was most amazed at the Nike nuclear missile sites.I am not a history buff but I enjoy it when I see it and this was amazing, guess I never really thought about our early efforts on the coast to protect ourselves in these terms. Pretty sobering actually.

Sandy Hook Lighthouse

We are very close to NYC but driving through this area you would never dream it. There are farms and trees and it looks so pretty and green and rural not what I was expecting but then again really not sure what I was expecting! 

Next posting should be about visiting NYC!!!!!!!!!


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