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Sunday, May 4, 2014


It's been a great few days in Jacksonville! We have had some rainy weather but there has also been a bit of sun! I like the sun, but the rain was fine too. Stayed in one day and just did nothing, it was glorious. Since we have internet here, I have been able to get lots of things done that I had been putting off and got to do those things I really wanted to do. I have finally emptied the photos from my phone onto my laptop and MiRV backed it up for me. I know that my laptop's days are numbered, but I am trying to coax it along for as much as I can get from it! Wish me luck!

 It was so neat to see the "boats" pass right out our front window. Those are some B.I.G ships I'm tellin' ya! And the dolphins ride the waves from their bows. (The second photo is actually a barge.)

 The Pier was a really neat area and parking was FREE!

 The Red Cross has a "light house" which I loved!

So anyway, Jacksonville is a neat town; it's B.I.G. Like way big, bigger then you might know, believe and that is partly due to the fact that it's city and county government are consolidated. It's got beaches, it's got the Jaguars, it's got lots of bridges, holy moly does it have bridges. And, AND this is a biggie, it has the T-family. We enjoyed a great couple days visits with them while here.

 Ice cream at Chick-fil-A after a great dinner so we could chat some more! Then we went back to Sunny and continued visiting til well after midnight!  

Sunday morning we joined T-family at Normandy Park Baptist Church then headed to Woody's for lunch. I had the most awesome brisket ever, I mean MOST awesome! It was the best I have ever had at a restaurant. The fried okra was good and the fried pickles were delicious as well, I thoroughly enjoyed the food and fellowship. If you ever see a Woody's I recommend stopping in for the brisket for sure! T-family just got an RV too and we helped them name it. Their rig is now known at Thunder :)

Oh and while here we also dayt ripped to Amelia Island and King's Bay, would definitely stop and stay in King's Bay nice little famcamp there!We did a bit of gawking and then took a nice walk on the beach before heading back to Mayport via the ferry! A really fun day!

MiRV on the beach on Amelia Island
The pier was pretty neat, the surf was acceptable according to MiRV and there seemed to be some great biking trails so yeah, we have enjoyed it here! In fact, should we do another FL winter we will consider doing some time here. Mayport NAS has a darn good campground, we like it!

 Lunch at Woody's!

Now we head on northward...

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