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Monday, May 5, 2014

Georgia on my mind....

It was a short jaunt up the road from JAX into the Savannah, GA area for our next stop.


 And there were some bridges that made me shudder a bit...

Anyway, we have been here before (to Savannah) and it's a very neat little town that we enjoyed on our last visit so when there was a military famcamp nearby we made plans to stop and explore some more! While I don't think I could "highly" recommend this famcamp, Lott Island, it did serve our needs. And it forced me to shower in Sunny for the first time ever. It was not bad, I think that new shower head was key. Also I didn't wash my hair while I showered, I did it in the sink to make it a bit easier, but next time I am just going to do it all! LOL

My FIRST shower in Sunny!!!

So we took a little trip out to Tybee Island. 

No real specific activity just drive out and check things out. The landscape was beautiful! There were two lighthouses. The town was eclectic. Seemed neat, but ,and this is soooo unfortunate that there is a but, there was no parking that did not cost. This was a pretty big turnoff for us. We would have enjoyed the beach we think but we didn't get to check it out. MiRV "might" have paid the crazy parking fee IF there were waves but we couldn't even hardly get a glimpse of the beach so it was just a no-go for us. We did go see the lighthouse and we did stop at Fort Pulaski on Cockspur Island. All in all an okay excursion.

Savannah was a such a nice historic town. Loved the FREE public transportation (DOT)! Sure saved my feet! 

We did have ice cream for lunch at Leopold's! I had coconut, which was too die for and MiRV went with caramel swirl!

I didn't know he owned a bar

We also took a ferry ride, again, F.R.E.E. and it was just a nice fun thing to do and see the city from the other side of the river. Lots of beautiful squares with HUGE trees and of course many historic churches and homes. We enjoyed just walking around in the downtown area!

 Scary steps we came back up after the ferry ride!

Our ferry was named after the founder of the Girl Scouts who was from Savannah!

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