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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sinus saga continues...

Yes, yes we are still battling the sinuses! This infection just doesn't seem to be letting up. The cough is still horrid; though guaifenesin has helped TREMENDOUSLY! We are now on day 5 of the antibiotic and there IS marked improvement to be sure but there is also still a lingering top of the head severe headache, lots of phlegm (at least it is milky white now instead of purple, yes I said purple! TMI sorry), and a hot fever. This man is very warm and has been more often than not. Taking acetaminophen helps some, not a lot, and we have started alternating between naproxen and ibuprofen to try as shake it. And now today his kidneys are suddenly hurting or at least the area where his kidneys are is painful!

Anyway, I'm still praying...praying this crud goes away COMPLETELY and soon! Thankfully we both got some sleep last night.

I would say yesterday he had a good day, he even felt up to meeting friends for lunch. And thankfully the coughing spells were few and far between with always available liquid and lozenges. He was totally zapped by the time we made it home after stopping to see a few memorials I had not seen.

So today other then running to the BX for more OTC meds and stopping at the commissary for provisions we have laid low and taken it easy.

Tomorrow I am hoping he is up for a little road trip over to Georgetown...stay tuned. However, the big road trip to Gettysburg is definitely a no-go. We will have to make it another time, which just means we might need to make PA a destination; maybe we can do Amish country touring. Hmmmm you just never know!


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