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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Our visit here was even more fun because we knew someone in the area. M&M lives here now and it was great to spend the weekend with him.

He has a H.U.G.E love of ducks so when I saw that THE big rubber duck was debuting here I knew we would end up there to see it...

 There was MAJOR excitement over the duck!!!!

Ahhhhh, he had a little tail too!!!!

That duck was incredibly BIG and cute! While in the area we also decided to do the Chrysler Museum. Very nice, it has just reopened after renovations and really a well done venue! It was a gloriously beautiful day, we walked all over and as KJ would say our "dogs were barkin" when we finished. 

In the museum gardens!

After such a great day we headed back to the RV to hang out for the evening and dinner. Again, just a very wonderful day with a great friend.

Sunday dawned another gorgeous blue sky day and we trekked on out to his neighborhood for the afternoon to get our grill on and had scrumptious steaks with all the fixings and ice cream to boot! Oh yeah, it was a pleasant, relaxed afternoon. It was sad to say goodbye so we decided to meet up one more time before we leave. 
 Major Griller :)

We set out to meet for dinner the next night and we didn't end up at the designated location because there was a Cheesecake Factory that got me all distracted. I'm a cheesecake lover and was like it you aren't deadset on restaurant X would it be okay to go to the CF? He was like sure! Awesome and after a piece of lemon raspberry cheesecake my world was wonderfully complete!

About the famcamp we stayed in, it's on a training base and right next to the ocean. You can't see the ocean from our site but you can hear it. Loved the windows open and hearing the waves crash over. And might I add the moon was out and gorgeous every night. MiRV has been battling a horrible sinus infection since NC (I think he actually started getting it in SC) we didn't take in any sunrises nor did he surf. We did however take in several beach walks and enjoy the mild temps. It was a nice stay, of course our first full day was rain, rain and more rain with flooding in the local area that thankfully did not affect us at all. Oh, so back to we are at a training base, yes, that was a neat aspect and seeing/hearing active marching going on every day was very cool. Both Navy and Marines are well represented here! It's not an area I would return to but it was a great visit!

 The troops marching and singing "jodies"!

Next stop our Nation's Capital...


And for the avid reader with an inquiring mind, laundry was $1.00 and I did two loads so glad I waited!

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