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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Onslow Beach, North Carolina


We did trek through Myrtle Beach on our way up but we are now in the boonies; at least that is the word that comes to mind but in a good way. It's definitely off the beaten path and nice. There were a few crowds when we arrived on Mother's Day but not since. It's been great...we are on the ocean, and I do mean ON the ocean. I like it...the one exception is that I have had no cell service while we've been here :( but the internet has been pretty reliable which has been a bonus! But talking to my girl on Mother's Day was tough since the first call we were going through the gate and I had to hang up and then the return call was dropped not once, not twice but three times! UGH!

On Monday we did make a commissary run and also stopped by the MCX,. The MCX is huge and had a really great selection, in fact, I even shopped. I came up empty. I am currently on the lookout for a swimsuit, shorts and t's. I know I will find what I want but it's hard when shopping is just not something you enjoy. Going in to the commissary from where we are was like a ride through the country. I have not left camp since; it's been great!

Oh, did I mention this is a Marine Corps base, yep, and let me tell you it's been a new experience!. The Marine mentality is like no other and we have had fun being on this base. Love the exercises going on everyday, all day and the shaking of the rig from the firing of the howitzers, helicopters buzzing around and the F-something or other flying over. And it was hysterical seeing some of their signage, I only wish I had gotten more pics!


So, the fancamp is nothing to write home about and for sure the sites are NOT level but thanks to MiRV and his newly created leveling mats we are good. The bathhouse/laundry are IMO not on par with what we are used to but they are usable. I was not too thrilled to see that it's $1.25 to wash/$1.25 dry. I'm holding out til we get to VA and they may be no charge since it's a Navy base (that was how it was in FL at Mayport) A girl can hope and you know I like to save my quarters when I can!

Beaching it was the I-10 for this locale and we went everyday, we also rode bikes and took a few walks. The downtime after all the hoopla in Savannah and Charleston has been nice. MiRV also made an urgent care visit for a sinus infection. He is now on a Z-pac and we are praying that does the trick to get him back to 100%. It's never fun to be sick and especially while we are at the beach and one that even has waves.

While at the beach we have been shark tooth hunters and we were successful. The first couple looks we made we came up empty handed and then we found some that were not the real deal (rocks.shells) and then today, our last day, we hit the jackpot and found a few! It was fun to be beach combers with a mission! I also picked up a few beach rocks, which I have not seen at other beaches, there were lots of them in all sizes and mostly, blacks, browns, yellows, clear and a few purples.

My cool beach rocks...

And our SHARK TEETH!!!!

It's on to VA now!


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