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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ugggh - Sinus Infection!

The sinus infection from heck is still plaguing MiRV...another afternoon, evening in urgent care as soon as we arrived garnered another script ($5 co-pay since the base pharmacy was closed) and we are certainly praying that this will knock it out. It's a bad one that has really grabbed hold and is not letting up. He has already done one round of antibiotics (z-pack that just laughed at him with no real improvement). He has a horrible, horrible cough that has prevented him from getting much sleep at all, which who are we kidding if he's coughing I am not getting much sleep either. So instead of hitting the ground running when we arrived we are being still, trying to rest and heal.  Tomorrow is a new day!

Let me just add that navigating the medical world as a retiree is one experience I am not taking kindly too. But I also don't want to harp on it too negatively since we do at least have some measure of health care. However, with our current situation of not being in one locale we had to do the big switch from Prime to Standard and it's a whole new ballgame ladies and gentlemen. One I am learning about on the fly and not really excited about the experience. Nope, not excited about it one bit! It is more out of pocket expenses and deductibles, which in turn our now a part of our budget.

Life is never dull that's for sure! Take care and get plenty of rest and keep up with your liquids it's never good to be under the weather...


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