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Friday, October 11, 2013

Day 11 - Special Touches

Making your space special is important no matter if you are in an RV or a sticks and bricks however I struggle with this as I am not a decorator at all. However, I do enjoy family pictures but there isn't a lot of wall space in Sunny and we didn't want to be putting holes in walls for sure so I struggled with adding special touches.

So when I happened upon a way to "hang" plastic frames I was a pretty happy!

 The plastic frames that make me smile (that's a pic from our military days)

 These two hold pictures of Mr&Mrs Bud and the Littles!

I do also have one painting hanging in Sunny that is special to us. MiRV just took down the only picture that came with the decor and used the hardware to hand it. We love this little painting and it's special to us. It's a piece that brings a smile to my face each day! Thanks CJ for graciously painting this and gifting it to us before we left Italy!!!

This in on the back wall behind the dinette

A close up since the wall shot just doesn't do it justice!

I do wish I would have brought along a few more decorations for the seasons and holidays. I guess it just didn't click with me to do this. I always did a little bit of seasonal decorating when we were in our other homes so why I didn't keep out a few things to do that in Sunny I don't know except I was trying not clutter up our area and have too much stuff. However, I think those few little things would have been nice. Maybe next time we are at the storage unit I will try to locate some of our seasonal decor!

 I've also been known just to "tuck" a picture into a crevice :)

Of course I could go a bit overboard in adding too many special touches so I just try to do a bit here and there. I have my a couple of my favorite cups in the cabinet as well as a few favorite bowls those things make our space special too! I also know I will add a few things along the way so I have room to do that!

The 31 days challenge is explained here...


  1. I had to personalize our 5th wheel - here is a link to a blog post that I did that showed pictures of the inside of our new unit - I hope you enjoy.

    This is a link to the post on our first 5th wheel - it was much smaller and used when we purchased it but I still decorated - hope you enjoy and see what you can do

    Hugs -

    1. Oh thank you so much for sharing Carol! Loved seeing your personal touches!!! I will try to read up on your blog when we settle, we are heading south today so busy, busy, busy the last couple days as we prepare to leave! Truth be told I was leaning 5er but MiRV wanted a driver. But never know our next time around we may change out!

    2. There are advantages and disadvantages to every kind of RV - my hubs didn't want to have to pull a car - plus he said that if the RV had a problem we wouldn't have a "home" to stay in. With the 5th wheel, even when it was in for warranty work, we still had our "home - and we also had to take the truck in for some work - but still had the house. It is all a personal choice - that's why they make so many different ones LOL! Travel safe!