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Friday, October 25, 2013

Day 25 - Lather Up!

The bath house is important to us! Why you asked when you have a shower in your RV? Well, we don't shower in our RV at the present time. I know almost crazier then crazy!

Our unused shower...

Not to say that we won't, we just don't right now. Our shower is pretty good size IMO and I think I could get everything taken care of that I need to before the 6 gallon tank runs out but I don't. For one thing the pressure isn't all that great. There is a shower head that you can purchase to the tune of about $50 bucks or less to help with that and we plan to eventually get one but right now we just schlep to the bath house and use the facilities provides.

 Bath house in AL which has individual non-desiginated units with shower, sink, toilet.

Speaking of facilities they are all different and I do mean different. Some are unisex, others are Male/Female separated. Some are little rooms with one shower and one toilet others are a shower area and a toilet area. Some have little cubbies of a shower others have the shower stall and then a common area with it. Some have places to hang your bag or a benches to place your bag on; others have hooks for your towels which is REALLY nice. Some even have hairdryers in them! And as you can imagine some are cleaner then others and thankfully none have been totally gross so it works!

My shower bag :)
I carry a bag to the bath house while MiRv is a backpack kind of guy. I have all my essentials in there, shampoo, soap, razor, pick, q-tips, towel, etc. We also wear shower shoes. It's very easy and has become just part of our routine and I take it in stride. We have never had to bother with worrying about theft of our things while in the stall that makes me happy!

MiRV with his backpack on the way to the bath house

The Destin bathhouse is very clean and spacious. I like the individual stalls; they are nice with a built in bench for your shower bag.

 Destin bathhouse

 Destin shower area

Info about the 31 day challenge I am participating in is right HERE!


  1. You are certainly right about bath houses being a range of different options. We have certainly seen our fair share of good and not so good in our 30 plus years of camping. I can honestly say that there has never been a horrible bath house - but there have certainly been some that were better than others. As long as you wear bath shoes (I just used a cheap pair of flip flops) you shouldn't have any worries.

  2. Like I said...this is your taste of "deployment life" when we have to schlep to the Cadillac!!! You just get used to walking to the bathhouse...