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Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 7 - Oh, what about the poo?

Pretty sure you didn't expect this topic but seriously, it's a valid question...I don't really want to but I will cause I think it's a valid informational point. In fact, I seriously cannot believe I am writing a blog post on this topic! 

 Our Loo!

Notice the flushers...they are two paddles sort of, kind of that you push with your foot. The larger one is your real flusher and the smaller one is the water adder. They work best together. An RV toilet is dry so to speak, there is no water in the bowl as there is in a conventional toilet, so you have to add water to wash things away.
  So for the record, we do not. We could, we just chose not to. Have we, yes, will we, if the situation demands it, but we do not as a rule make it a regular practice. Why? Simply a personal preface to not have future potential issues with our black holding tank. Many, many people do and have no concerns, we did a lot of reading and researching and made the choice to not do poo in our potty. We also do not put paper down ours. Again, a personal choice thing and we feel in the long run it will be  less problematic for us if we don't. 

If you were to really use the toilet for poo there is a process that makes it work better. You would add water to the bowl (just like there is water in a real toilet) then do your work; makes flushing it away easier.

Not much else I can tell you about this and I am still not totally believing I am wrote about all this! However, it has come up from others inquiring so thought I would just go ahead and address it to get it out of the way. Since I am on the bathroom area will it surprise you to know that we choose not to shower in our rig either. I know it's crazy but we don't. Again, personal preference. Many do and we may eventually, we just don't right now! 

There's a shower post coming up later!

Day # challenge info here!

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