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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Day 6 - Just in case...

Having insurance is part of the RV lifestyle just as it is as a homeowner, renter, automobile driver, it's just a combo package so to speak with the RV. We are USAA customers and have been for a number of years, however, they do not insure RVs (or boats or motorcycles for that matter!) so they pushed us to Progressive.

What I know about Progressive I learned from Flo...seriously!  

There are other insurers out there and had we known beforehand that USAA would not be the primary company we would have done more research and perhaps gone a different route. However, for this first year for $874 a year we are Progressive customers until December of this year.

When it's time to renew we may or may not stay with Progressive, we will do a quote comparison and see. We have no loyalties to them, have not had to deal with them other than to write the policy and that is just fine and dandy with me, in fact I prefer it that way!! Thank you for the safe travels without calamities that we have had and I pray that it continues!

The 31 Day challenge info is found here and it's the reason all my post this month start out Day+#.


  1. I am enjoying your RV posts. I always thought that would be fun..except in a storm???

  2. We have been fortunate in that we haven't been in what I would call a BIG storm! We were in NE in pretty good winds with both rain and snow in May and we survived! I would not want to be in any area where there is tornadic action or even near the water with the hurricanes...that being said we are heading to FL in a few days! Praying for good weather and NO hurricanes or even tropical storms! Thanks for reading!!!