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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Day 3 - Fuel

Probably the most asked question is how much money does it take to fill the tank? Which is most often immediately followed with a discussion on gas mileage!

 Mileage Log

Here are the facts.

Tank capacity is 75 gallons of unleaded gasoline...

What it cost to fill the tank and quite honestly we try to never have to fill the tank so to speak. We attempt to not go below right above a quarter of a tank (real technical talk right there!) obviously depends on the price of gas. There are two reasons we plan to not go below a quarter of a tank: 1) the generator will not operate if the gas tank is below a quarter of a tank and 2) filling up from empty seems psychologically harder on our wallet!

More facts! 

Most expensive gas $3.55/gallon (MacAlester, OK)
Least expensive $3.05/gallon (Meridian, MS) Yeah for Sam's Club! 
Costliest fill to date was 53 gallons@$3.37/gallon for total sale of $179.45 OUCH!
Best MPGs 9.5
Worst MPGs 5.9
Average MPGs 7.63

I do use the Gas Buddy app on my phone to help with finding the cheapest gas however we have to be mindful that we are 31 feet plus our toad in length so getting in and out without getting stuck or damaging something is our number one priority. While Wal-Mart's Murphy Oil usually has the best prices their pumps are not always RV friendly, nor are Sam's so we have also filled at the big name truck stops paying a little more per gallon to have easier in and out capabilities.

That pretty much wraps up all I know on fuel for our rig thus far, which isn't really much!

Enjoy the roads you travel and be mindful of the RVs you see and pass on the roadways. They cannot stop quickly and they do not move quickly, especially us gas guys on the hills, the diesel dudes tend to do better with that. And give us some room to turn and get around especially at the pumps, I am amazed (and sometimes in disbelief) at others when we are gassing up. They have honked, come really close and/or blocked us in without even looking back.

If you aren't sure about the Day w/# thing, check it out here!

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