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Friday, October 4, 2013

Day 4 - Toads

Toad, another term for the vehicle you tow behind your RV, sometimes referred to as a dinghy or just a tow vehicle. We like "toad" it's catchy!

When we bought the RV the seller threw in the tow dolly with the sale. However, we never towed that way, we went with a trailer to put Deuce on. A really nice aluminum trailer that is now for sale should you be in the market for one! It's in SW Missouri; let me know!!!

Currently, we have CC, our Honda CRV, behind us with all four down. THAT was one of the best decisions we have made, it'ssooooo much easier then tying down Deuce and hooking up the trailer. Totally love all four down towing so much better!

Drawbacks IMO of all four down is the tow car still racks up the mileage while being towed! Which is the reason we did not choose to tow Deuce, he was less then a year old and had very low mileage and we wanted to keep him that way. Also some places do not allow you to store your trailer at your site and want to charge you to store it at another location in the park, ah, no this definitely doesn't sit well with us. Again, we did research our options and thought we went with the best solution then decided to go another route, Costly, but in the end the right answer!

 Deuce on the trailer on our maiden voyage!

In July of this year we switched from trailering  to towing and we love it. MiRV chose the Blue Ox system, ordered it all online, did the wiring his self, installed the part that went on Sunny and took it to a trailer shop for the base plate installation/ Good thing we did as it was welded incorrectly and had to be refashioned to make it work, All in all we are happy with the system. It was just under $1500 dollars for this. The trailer was $2700 and it is currently for sale so we are hoping to recoup some of that investment. Did you need a new trailer? It's a real nice aluminum one in near new condition!!!

Our current look with CC behind us :) We'll talk about the cargo on top of CC in another post!

There you have it...all about our toad and not the amphibious type!

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  1. I am enjoying your posts! Right now we are full time camping in a 26 foot bunkhouse while our home is being remodeled. Can you camp in freezing weather? That is where we are running into problems!

  2. Ahhhm cold weather, I'm not a fan! We rode out a spring storm in Omaha, NE in May, lots of wind (50-60 MPH) and a few inches of nightly snow as well as heavy rains over a 4-5 day period. It was not fun but we made it. Space heaters were our friend! I would not want to be in that situation long, we are heading farther south to make sure we avoid the colder weather as much as possible. Obviously, you cannot do that! I would perhaps try skirting your rig to help keep in the heat in?? Blessings to you as you build your new home!