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Friday, October 18, 2013

Day 18 - Setting Up

When we "land" there are several things that are part of the setting up process. Most of it falls to MiRV but we both have our jobs so to speak.

First thing is unhooking the toad. It's actually preset up and it's definitely MiRV doing it! This trip we unhooked when we stopped for lunch since we knew the slot would be tight. Figured it would just be easier to be unhooked before we arrived to park and it was!

Once we arrived at the resort, checked in and got our slot, the real set up began. First thing MiRV does is check the electric box to make sure it's good. He uses a nifty little checker thing and we have moved sites more then once if it doesn't say everything is all good! After the electrical check, we turn the walkies on and I back him in. Usually he can do it with out my help but I am there to help with unseen obstacles. Here we have a nice big yellow pole!


 Didn't want to bump that!

Once we are in, we check the level. Little low on the passenger side so blocks are unpacked and we pull forward to raise ourselves. Once we are level, we go for getting the electric on, then water, then sewer. Once those are done, we start the air then unhook the slide and pull it out. 


And we have electric!

MiRV usually continues to set things up on the outside. Since we will be here for a month he goes ahead and puts on the wheel covers. Since it's not too windy he also rolls out the awning. Then he gets out our lights, chairs and grills. We are good outside. He then moves on to offloading his SUP and surfboard from atop the CRV and rolls those under the RV to protect them from the sun.

Meanwhile first thing I do inside is put up our sunshades, close the curtains if its warm (and it is!) and turn the captain chairs around. Also inside I unstow those things that were stowed for the ride; things such as the coffee maker, dehumidifier, printer and fans. I put back out our area rug once the slide is out and I set the bathroom items back out. In the kitchen I get back out my dish soap, utensils cup as well as setting out the salt and pepper on the dinette table. It's all good! We're ready! The water is calling our name gotta run!

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  1. Am so enjoying reading all of your posts. I would have loved to have done this in my earlier age but I don't think being 67 is the time one should be doing this. Though, I'm sure there are some out there, just not for me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ah, I say go for it if you truly think you'd like to give it a go! Borrow or rent a rig and take a trip and see if it's your cup of tea before jumping into ownership!

    Thanks for reading and commenting!