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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day 15 - Rolling Along...

Sunday we left AL and headed farther south to FL. We are now set up at Destin Army Recreation Area.

A glimpse of the sights we saw on the way!

 Fire tower

Cotton Field

So getting from point A to point B takes planning. You need to pack up and stow anything that's "loose" no matter if it's a 10 mile trip or the 187 miles or so we trekked on Sunday it's all gotta be secure before we roll down the road. And BTW it took us approximately 5 hours yesterday and that included pulling over for lunch in the Target parking lot. It was ham and cheese with BBQ sauce kind of day with a little Chiefs win on the side!!!! We got the see the 4th quarter, what a win!

When we travel we have set a few guidelines for ourselves that we try to follow. We plan our trips so that we don't usually drive more them 300 or so miles per day. Not to say we haven't driven farther but we try not to. We want to always and I mean ALWAYS arrive before dark. Arriving after dark in an unfamiliar area can be costly, we have seen it happen firsthand to others so we have just decided that's not for us. We also do not drive at night, not to say we never will we just haven't; it's just safer. I like safe!

Part of our arrival routine is filling up before heading to park so we stopped at a RaceTrac and topped off at $3.19/gallon. Since fuel was only $3.08/gallon we also topped off before leaving Montgomery. We also try to make sure we are stocked up grocery wise BEFORE departures so there is no need to stop off on the way in to pick things up. We were! I visited the commissary Saturday before we left and we are good for several days!.We have ran into Wal-Mart if we were already there breaking for lunch or gassing up so it's not like we never do or won't again but it's not our plan.

Rolling down the rode looks like this from my seat...

 I like being up high, it's a nice look around that you don't get from a car. 

I am glad that MiRV is vigilant in being safe. He is always on alert when behind the wheel. We try to be mindful of our surroundings so we are not caught off guard. We run 55 MPH it helps with gas mileage as I already mentioned but it is also safer for us. We are big and we are heavy. We try to be courteous to others, helping them get around us if we are holding them up on a non divided road and letting them know when they have made it safely around us so they can pull back in. Right now we have no cruise, it's frustrating as we spent BIG bucks to have it fixed and it worked for awhile and now it's on the fritz again. Big bummer for MiRV. Which if you are wondering, no, I do not drive Sunny. Not to say I won't but right now I do not. I have been behind her wheel but not to really drive her just to move her a bit. I am not sure I would be comfortable driving so I don't for now.

For now I navigate and I am partial to a paper map though I do use the map app on my phone and we do have a GPS that we use too. Every little bit helps as we don't want to get lost if we can help it!

 Me and my map!

Be sure to honk and wave should you see us movin' on down the road we will wave back if we see you!

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