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Monday, October 28, 2013

Day 28 - LAUNDRY

You never know what you're gonna get with the laundry facilities! Tinker AFB famcamp definitely has the cleanest we have used. It even had a great informational board with the hours of the commissary, BX, thrift shop, a TV, ice machine :), iron and ironing board. The ones below are probably not the cleanest I've used. They aren't bad just notso clean!
 Average laundry facility.
This one even has an ice machine which always makes me happy!

Price varies. Some places are even free, we like free but haven't been to a location yet that is free! For our experience it's been anywhere from 50c to $1.50 to wash and 50c to $1.00 to dry. Some give more drying time then others and we often will not run the dryer more then once, we just take it on back to the RV and hang up/drape things til they dry. It works for us. I have also washed out a few things in the sink or shower (think work out clothes, like my sports bra).

Current facilities
Where we are now is 75c to wash and 75c to dry in the regular machines which is lower then average. Interesting that they have industrial size machines here that cost $2.50 per load to wash or dry. They are HUGE! I don't think I will ever have loads that big so I won't be using those! Our bedspread would even be dwarfed in these!

Factoid: We have spent $131.75 (in quarters no less!) to do our laundry since we started full-timing 9 months ago! That may not be quite truly accurate, okay it's NOT...since we did snag few free loads once in awhile when we were visiting family at different locations. Nonetheless it is the total we have spent thus far on laundry. If we ever upgrade Sunny we might try to have a washer/dryer in our rig, lots of the bigger coaches do. I'm sure it would be really nice but so far it's not been a big deal to do laundry where we've been.
Day+# challenge info found here!


  1. Laundry was always a hassle for us - when we were working we were usually at a Forestry Service area that did not have facilities. We sure weren't complaining because we were usually surrounded by woods, which meant lots of wild life, but there were challenges - like traveling 30+miles to the nearest laundry facility not to mention the cost. When we upgraded to the new unit I had two requests - a double door refrigerator/freezer and a washer/dryer. I was able to get both and boy did it make life SOOOOO much easier. That doesn't mean we didn't have to go to the laundry mat occasionally - washing bedspread or area rugs - but that was not every week and it was so nice to be able to keep things done. If you are able I highly recommend having a washer/dryer in your unit. (Oh, in our experience, having the separate washer and dryer was MUCH better than having the one unit that does both - much more efficient.)

  2. Those are definitely the two requests I would have on my list too Carol!!!