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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Day 12 - Hang it up!

There is just not a lot of hanging closet space in Sunny. Thankfully, we have found that we  really don't need all that many things to hang but I admit hanging space is just convenient. Not having it makes you be more creative that's for sure!

 MiRVs closet...he got the bigger side AND the mirror!

Since at some point he may seek employment he has his to share his space with suits and shirts that really he doesn't wear on a daily basis. He also shares the bottom of his closet with his snore box.
My closet

I have gotten creative with hanging my things...I double hang some items, for me that means hanging two things on one hanger, sometimes three. I use very few of the tubular hangers, instead choosing the thinner wire covered hangers. On the tubulars I do have I hang slacks/pants on the bar then hang blouses on the outer part. I also have what I call a "store hanger" that I hang heavier jackets on in the cooler weather. I have looked into changing over to those really thin flocked hangers but just haven't felt they were needed since what I am doing is working. But if I ever saw them on sale I might seriously consider giving them a try. 

I added a hook to the inside of my closet door and plan to add another one, they are great for scarves and my necklaces that really shouldn't be squished to fit in my jewelry cubby that sits on the bottom of my closet. 

One thing I am impressed with from the manufacturer is that they added this hanging bar to the shower. It's awesome. It helps a lot. Especially on laundry days when things don't get quite dry or I don't want to put certain things in the dryer. It's a great add!

It's also convenient for holding a few other things with an over the door rack on it!

That pretty well covers our hanging situation, if you have creative ideas please share as we are always looking to maximize every bit of the space we have!

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  1. We were really lucky with the amount of closet space we had in our Montana - in our first one we had a closet all the way across the front, then had plenty of drawer space. In the second one we had TWO closets - a small one that the hubs used and then the big one across the back. Of course we didn't have to worry about going back to "work" so we had no suits to worry about. We stored some things under the bed (like the hubs cowboy boots) and our heavy jackets we packed up in a crate and put in the "basement". It worked for us - but you are right, you do have to get creative with storage! (We did work for the Forestry Department a couple of times - and a couple of state parks - the state parks furnished a "uniform" and the forestry department didn't care what you wore -so jeans were fine.