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Monday, October 21, 2013

Day 21 - Storage Solutions

We have stuff! Probably stuff just like you and everyone else we know. But with living in the RV we try to keep our stuff to a minimum. There is after all only so much room and there are necessities that take precedence over just plain old stuff.  Some stuff we originally thought we would want (mainly too many kitchen things) is now back in storage and some stuff I didn't think I would want (seasonal decor) I wish I had. No big deal we are doing well with what we do have.

The area below the coach is called the basement and these storage areas are really awesome. We have the kind that open up. They are pretty convenient. We keep many things in the basement. Our vacuum is down there, so is the extra soda, (really extra anything! laundry detergent, potatoes, paper towels) snorkel gear, beach chairs, off season clothes, tools, drying rack, compressor, car/RV washing supplies,

MiRV does some rearranging of the basements a few weeks ago!

Besides the basement, and the closets which I talked about on day 12, we also have great storage under the sofa, under the seats of the dinette and a bank of cabinets along the driver side as well as kitchen drawers and a pantry. And let's not forget the unused shower space! Yep, there is a great storage in there. Great for stowing things especially when we are in motion!

Nice shower storage area :)
I find that I love the drawers in the kitchen! I am so glad we have 6 of them! Some RVs have none or only one in the kitchen, no way, I just couldn't do it! My drawers are awesome! Even though I am featuring some of the drawers on day 24 I am going to show them all here first!

My three little drawers which I enjoy immensely!!!

These drawers are so great and hold a lot, the top one has our silverware, my paring knives, kitchen shears and can opener. The middle one holds the dish cloths, towels, potholders and a few misc lids/straws. The lower one is the home to the reclosable bags. All work great and provide easy access to the things I need most!

Again, I will talk about these drawers more in a couple days but they are such awesome holders of my favorite kitchen things that picturing them twice seems right!

 Another favorite drawer!

This is the wonderful catchall drawer of those things we use quite frequently. Tape, scissors, aspirin, vitamins, gum, batteries, sunblock, glue, post it's, pens, pencils, a few tools, etc just those everyday things that you need and don't want to go hunting for! It's a great drawer and in a great location for easy access!

I also have a nice bathroom drawer and THREE little bedroom drawers. But they are still great drawers!

My bedroom drawers, they are really narrow but they are still great!

Other storage areas are under the dinette seats and sofa

 This is the dinette storage area

 Accessible through the door or

 Take the seat cushions off (and the plywood support) and there you are!

 Two seats equal two great storage areas!

 Under the sofa storage

The space under the sofa houses our games, extra pillows and blankets as well as some rain gear and a small hand held vac. It works well very easily accessible and we could poke more things in there but haven't needed to so far!

Also in the cabinets along the slide. They are great cubbyholes. Not to mention the two areas up in the front of the cab area. Great areas for sure! And let's NOT forget UNDER THE BED...yep you can stash stuff there. It does house our fresh water tank on one side but there is still quite a bit of room to stash off season shoes and some keeper papers for now.

 No monsters under our bed!

There's a 31 day challenge going on and you can find out all about it right h e r e ! !

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  1. You store stuff where ever you can - we had great storage in our unit with cabinets overhead in the living/dining areas - as well as under the sofa. We left two of our dining chairs with our kids as we wanted the space more than the extra chairs since there was just the two of us (and if we had company we could eat outside on the picnic table) and I can honestly say I never used the storage in the chairs (but I think that is the only space I didn't use). I don't think any of us could exist without the basement storage! It seems like we were always rearranging to make it more functional! Looks like you have done a good job with using the storage space you have available.