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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Day 20 - Catching some ZZZZZzzzzzz's

For us sleeping in the RV is much like sleeping in our real bed. I think that is mainly due to the fact we brought our memory foam mattress topper on the road with us. It's wonderful and I love it!

THE Bed...

The real difference that is notable is the size of our RV mattress. It is what is known as a queen short or short queen. To me it means my house sheets don't fit quite as snug. For MiRV it means his feet can hang off if he isn't careful on his position. Since I am just barely over 5 feet tall it doesn't seem to bother me at all! As far as the ill fitting sheets go, I have looked into getting RV sheets. However, they tend to be really pricey so we are just using what we already had! I did read on one of the RV forums that regular queen jersey knit sheets work well for this odd size since they are stretchy and will fit a little more snug. When and if we need new sheets I may keep an eye out for some of these. 

Oh and our queen bedspread was waaaaaaay too big so I just snagged the spread that was on one of our full size beds in the sticks and bricks house and it works perfectly! 

Not a lot else to report on the bed. It does serve it's purpose and we use it every night. Though we have been known to open out the sofa and watch TV on cooler or rainy days from there. It seems almost scandalous and we love it!

Nester's 31 day challenge information can be found right here!

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  1. Dealing with RV bedding can be frustrating - both of our 5th wheels had king size beds (my hubs is a big man at 6'5" and about 280) plus we had our two mini daschounds sleeping with us - king size was mandatory! I did use a queen size comforter on the bed and it worked for us. Good luck with the sheets!