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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Day 29 - Doing life or what we like to call "Living the dream..."

So what does one do with one's time while living in an RV you might wonder...well, we just do life. For us that's finding a local church among other things! We have been fortunate to be in areas that we already have a connection for the most part. However, we will venture out and just find a place when we aren't. That's what we did here in Destin when we found this church just down the street from where we are parked!

We also hang out with friends. Help friends out when we can. Make new friends. Looking up friends from days passed is really great; in fact it's pretty cool and we love to reconnect with those from our earlier days!!!

 Spent the day with this friend recently; we had lunch as well as hit up a used bookshop!

Lunch w/ AL friends was awesome!

I also read! I love to just be able to sit outside preferably with a slight breeze and read. It's just been awesome to sit by the bay or pool and read here in Destin but reading in Sunny or out under the awning it awesome as well and I have been able to enjoy it everywhere we have stopped!

MiRV keeps occupied in many ways... and thankfully he tackles little jobs around the RV or just little putters to make life smoother for us!

Puttering on a surfboard carrier...

or he's scouting out spots to get on the water when he can.

 MiRV in the bay
 MiRV in the Gulf

He is sooooooo looking forward to getting back to the Atlantic side of FL so he can surf again! There have been waves here but not far enough out and organized enough to surf. He is really excited to be able to return to Cocoa Beach and get his board in the ocean again!

Recently, I even joined him on the water, the OPEN water. Up to this point I had only navigated the pool!! I really did like it. Course it helped a lot that the water was very calm!!!

Me SUPing in the Gulf

But honestly you can usually find me on the shore with a book in a beach chair ...

He's also taken to blogging again, since he is no long MiB (Man in Blue), he chose to go with MiRV for his  new blog title.

We also like to go on walks, runs and bike rides to enjoy our surroundings...we happen across a lot of neat things while we are out and about exploring!

Saw this neat sand art on our recent beach walk! Love manatees!

Spotted an orange tree on one of our neighborhood rides!

We definitely don't just sit around inside the coach and watch the TV all day long, we get out and enjoy life. I am amazed at the folks who do not do the same. We were visiting with a couple the other evening and chatted about the different types of RVers and we definitely don't fit the mold he told us for Class A folks...he stated in his experience they (Class A folks) are usually NOT the mix and mingle type. Since I don't think we have ever fit the mold (ever) then it's seems to reason we wouldn't in this  instance either. I am happy to see/know that we continue to bust the mold as we get our feet wet in the RV world and haven't become the norm!!

Oh and just hanging out is good for us too! In fact we feel we do that really well!

Hanging out and waiting for the sun to set over the bay a few nights back!

It is our opinion that we are Living the dream...

The scoop on the 31 day challenge it here.

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  1. My hubs and I didn't fit the mold either, I guess. We love being outdoors and being able to see the sites and the scenery. We have never been one to look or stay at RV Resorts and would much rather be in a state park than a KOA. We were even lucky enough to stay on a friends mountain top in PA for a couple of weeks one year in the fall. Absolutely no one else there except the hubs and I (and of course the two mini doxies). We had full hookups too! My hubs used to say that we were looking for the "three W's" - woods, water, and wildlife. Occasionally we would have to stay at a KOA type place for the night as we were traveling from one place to another - but not to stay for any length of time - just not our style. We also said that we were living the dream and had two signs in our unit - one said "IF your heart is in your dream, then no request is too extreme" and the other said "Dream it, Live it, Do it!" just to remind us how very lucky and blessed we truly were!