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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Day 5 - YES day

Good morning! It's OUR day...we have started with coffee in bed (uh, well, that's pretty normal for us) and now we are preparing to go hang out this morning and do a few errands before making it back to catch some college football! There may be a stop at Starbuck's in there thanks to a gift card we were given :) No matter, it's gonna be a fun day!

 US at Mr&Mrs Bud's wedding :)

Oh so you are wondering what is OUR day? It's THE day waaaay back in 1984, yep, we were 80s teens, that I said Y.E.S after MiRV asked me to marry him! We have always celebrated this day in some form or fashion! Let me direct you to last year's post if you want to read more. And as for me, I went and took a look back through my blog postings on my other blog, Adventures in Blue, and it seems I have made mention of this day every year since I started you know, it's a sort of big day in our world and we like to remember it!

As I went back and reread all my 5 October posts I think this one is probably my favorite. 

You might think today does not really relate to my 31 day challenge but in my mind it does; I will connect the dots like this for you and make it relational (sort of)! IF you think you might ever try RV living I would say you need to really like the person or persons that you will be in the RV with. We like each other in addition to loving each other. If you are going to live in a small space I think you need to like someone more then love them. Not real prolific but it's my .02.

31 day challenge with the Nester information can be found right here! Click on over and take a look there are some great reads out there! I am following a few myself! I like this one on "finding money" and I also think this one is a fun read and I have shared them all with our newly married daughter, as well as this one on shopping the Goodwill!

What days do you celebrate?

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