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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Acadia = Amazing Place

Quietest, most peaceful location I have EVER been. Magnificent views of God’s creation were all around; EVERYWHERE it was nature as natural as I have ever seen it. From trees, to forest, to lakes, to ocean, to fields, to cliffs, to rocky shorelines, to waterfalls; just amazing beauty all around. It was as unspoiled of an area by man as I have ever witnessed. There are no words and photos do not even begin to do it justice. Seriously, it was the most serene and as I said most peaceful location I have ever experienced

Camping here was a new venture for us as it was totally WITHOUT hookups. No electric, no water, no sewer dump, no bathhouse. We survived. We did learn some things about our house batteries and the generator and hope to make some changes so we can “camp” like this more often.


Since there are no hookups they did allow you to run your generator during certain hours each day to juice up your house batteries which made it nice. And thankfully it was so pleasant we did not need AC, we actually had blankets on the bed most nights and slept with the windows open. 

We picked up some local wood to use the provided fire pit which was great in the evenings to take the chill off, also allowing us to stay outside longer since it seemed to keep the bugs away too!
Getting the fire pit going before having a pre dinner snack!

  Just enjoying the great outdoors!

Our time here was filled with day trips all around the area. One of the highlight was MiRV SUPing in Seal Cove and seeing a seal up close and personal right next to the paddle board along with a baby dolphin. I am insanely jealous of him! I will make a blog post of that day's excursions soon!

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