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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

nyc #2

I did one post on our NYC trip and quickly realized I didn't get our last day in...not sure how that happened. Anywho I wanted to make a second post to include our last day which also happened to be on our 28th anniversary! WOOHOO!!!

We went in with the idea of trying to see two shows! Ambitious considering we didn't want to pay full price for our tickets...a matinee and an evening show could be BIG bucks. We headed to the Book of Mormon for the lottery and lo and behold my name was pulled, SCORE!!!! We were in and the seats were incredible, especially for $64 dollars, ohyestheywere!!

 My name got picked!!!!!

Since we didn't have a lot of time after the lottery until the show started we opted to have a cart lunch! Gyros were really, really good! I had the falafel for the first time cause I have heard so much about it. It might have been this particular cart but mine were a bit too dry for me and I wish they would have been a bit warmer. I doubt I will order it again. The lamb gyros were really, really good. Though MiRV had one the other evening and it was only $5 today this cart was $8...annoying!

 Waiting for our gyros!

Eating my fafalal gyro!

After the show we headed over to try for another but without success so since lunch at the cart was so yummy we did it again for dinner, this time I got the veggie pita, yep, yummy, but a bit too spicy so MiRV traded me half way through and I finished the lamb gyros he had ordered; it was the best one so far. It had veggies along with the typical lettuce, tomato and white sauce.and the guy cut up the lamb so it was much more manageable when eating. Very, very yummy! This cart was the same $5 bargain as the first one, I was happy about that!

Since we didn't get a show we did a bit of the touristy souvenir shopping for the family, walked through time square and saw sights that were hard on the eyes...topless women with body paint is just wrong no matter how perky your chest is. Weird for sure and then there was the "naked" cowboy, whatever, strange, if you ask me.

 Naked Cowboy...

After a little people watching and shopping we headed out. Oh, we did snap one last photo.

 MiRV at what is probably the most famous recruiting station!

We are now continuing the move on toward the north! Next check in will be when I have internet again from somewhere along the way! Or I may try to get a post via my phone, it's not the easiest but doable in a pinch!


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