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Monday, June 30, 2014

Amana Colonies / Malcom, Iowa

When we were stationed in Nebraska I had wanted to make a day trip to the Amana just never happened, so when our route had us going right by here I was determined we would stop in. I would have also enjoyed going to Kalona's Amish community. Next time, next much to do so little time. Funny I would say this since all we have is time. However, we are heading to a family reunion so we are working on a bit of a restricted time frame!

It was a little more touristy then I had thought it would be but we still had an enjoyable time exploring the area and making the "colony loop". There is a lot of history in this little community. Along with that history was some great treat shops, there were bakeries, ice cream shops, candy shops, popcorn shops, fudge shops, well, you get the picture, lots of places to make your jeans feel tighter, which has been a BIG issue lately in my this was NOT good when we got some take homes and eat right nows...

 We shared a "crispy" from the bakery!

Who can pass up fresh bread from the bakery? Well, obviously NOT us...and it was good too! We had it with our pasta the night we bought it and as pan toast the next morning. Oh my, it was so tasty!

As we made our way on across 1-80 we passed Malcom, Iowa. Of course we instantly made a detour to at least check it out. VERY small little roadside town. But we stopped! How could we not with a name like Malcom!

Next stop, O M A H A !!!! So excited to see our girl!!! WooHOO!

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