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Monday, June 23, 2014

Out and About in Indiana!

It was another overnight stop at Camp Wally. Took a bit to find the sweet spot (level) but we did. This is a rural area but we had a plan and places to go so the locale was right for us! 

We set out on a dreary somewhat rainy morning for the RV Hall of Fame...seems to be a theme developing here in our stops! We arrived just as they opened and headed inside after being granted a much welcome military discount!!! After only a few minutes a gentleman approached us to speak with him about RVing and our visit. MiRV agreed and within a few minutes they were rolling tape. Since we were leaving the area we did not see the piece when it aired. However, a quick google search a few days later let me easily find the piece online! It's here! I was supportive by standing beside him at their request! They only needed about 10 seconds worth and I think they got nearly 20 but they used just a snippet!

Anywho, back to the main attraction, the RV museum, some really, really OLD RVs! We've come a long way for sure. However, the same premise is still there, being able to live self contained. It's amazing to see how much has and has not changed. Loved some of the really old ones, they are classic. 

All and all a neat few hours. The building is really nice and I hope they do well with getting themselves out of all that debt they are. What were they thinking when they built it is what I would like to know, but at least they are trying to turn it around and coming up with some good ideas to utilize the space.

The other adventure for the day was touring RV manufacturing factories. I know it's a little geeky but we thought it would be educational for us! So off to Newmar we went. This is a top of the line RV. One we will probably never own unless we found a stellar deal on a used model and then that is still questionable since these things are HUGE and I am advocating smaller. Nonetheless, it was a fun tour. This particular company employs mostly Amish from the local community. It was something to see them at work on the factory floor but an even better site was the hundred or so bikes parked around the facility as that is how they get to work.

Next RV factory tour was Thor. If we ever bought new this company makes the model that is very near the top of my list. However, the frugal girl in me would find it extremely difficult to put out that kind of cash so it's not very likely we will own one new. The tour was very different, the workers had already left for the day, the only employs there were the make ready crew who were working to clean up the last three that came off the production line. 

Two VERY different companies, very different in many ways, from insulation to wiring, to work environment. Eye opening for sure and as I said educational for sure. As we left the area which was highly concentrated with Amish we noticed quilt wall murals and quilt gardens that was our BONUS for the day! The gardens were a lovely site. My favorite was the schoolhouse, partly because they had a viewing platform to really be able to see the artistry.

 Didn't quite get the whole "square" in the picture...

 Barn quilt!
 The School House - my favorite!!

Aren't the neat? I loved them. It was fun to find them. Love the idea. And even though it was VERY, very, VERY tempting we did NOT stop in at the local bakery or ice cream parlor that touted home made ice cream on the sign for treats. It was not easy but we drove on by.  


Oh, and it's off to Chicago tomorrow!!!

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