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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fort Kent

After a nicely scenic l o n g, winding, hilly drive we arrived at the northern most point of HWY 1. Picture time….

In case you weren't a reader or don't remember we made the trip to the other end of US 1 in March, the blogpost is here!

We've managed to make the whole route!

We had lunch in the local diner where I had my first experience with poutine. I have a new favorite way to eat French fries! This Canadian delight consist of thin brown gravy ladled over hot fries that have been sprinkled with cheese curds. YUM!

With full bellies we decided we would re-entered Canada, cause if we just take a short little drive we can check off another province, so since we could, you know we did! Across the border we go…into New Brunswick again.


Crossing into Canada is sooooo easy... It seemed like a really great idea at the time...the road was a bit of the bumpy country washboard road type and I was not sure we were really going to be able to get where we set out to go but we did. There were a couple times I thought we were going to need to re-route! BONUS-Even got to see a covered bridge! Just for reference the logging roads here are not for the faint of heart! (Reeeeally glad we were in the CRV; they were NOT RV friendly by any stretch of the imagination!)

Into Quebec we went, mission accomplished! So back to the USA we headed. This time we took Canadian Hwy 2 down, much better road! Beautiful little drive and then on to the Port of Entry. Traveling on a real highway; life is good. Well until you realize you need gas...
 WooHoo welcome to Quebec!

This party really started to dive bomb as we tried to make our return to the US...yep, you got got it...we were detained again. I did a separate post on this since it's happened TWO days in a row. It is here. We are that special or threatening, I guess. Cause when you are stopped at the border to “visit” with the friendly CBP folks twice you kind of wonder what's up. After 45 minutes, several questions and one car search later we are on our way. So thankful there was a gas station close by after crossing the border as I did not really want to pay over $5/gallon in Canada for gas. The miles left on the trip odometer said 22, yikes, we sure cut it close that time! Glad we topped off before entering before Fort Kent! 

 The crossing where we met our second detainment in less then 24 hours...

A nice drive back to the RV without seeing moose much to my dismay. I am beginning to think there are NO moose in Maine or Canada. I think it’s all a farce…

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