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Thursday, June 5, 2014


We made it safely out of NJ through the traffic of the NYC area and landed at Fourth Cliff RV park which is run out of Hanscom AFB, MA. WOW what a view we stumbled upon. We had originally thought we would stay on Cape Cod but a miscommunication from the RV reservation folks had us moving on. We called for a reservation at Fourth Cliff and they had openings so we booked for a couple nights. Got there and the view was magnificent. Like unbelievable.

Gorgeous view...

From this spot we found surf for MiRV so he was a happy water boy! Especially since the surf was B.I.G. The area in fact was under a surf advisory, so he was thrilled and a bit overwhelmed all at the same time!

 Water was a bit chilly COLD so booties and gloves were used!

Next morning we started off with a most magnificent sunrise at 4:45 a.m. which made for an extremely looooooong day, but worth it to see such a gorgeous sight! Having this gorgeous view might have lessened the STING of yesterday's travel bridge at $24.75 and the Garden State Parkway tolls of $16.35, that IS highway robbery, which I think I said when we had to pay $24.00 to pass over a bridge on our way to NJ. Sheesh I am NOT a fan of tolls!

 Another memorable sunrise...

Our daytrip to the Cape included a stop in Plymouth, to see Plymouth Rock, which is more like a stone but still a very significant historical site. It used to be bigger, like a lot bigger but they allowed visitor's to use a hammer and take pieces home for souvenirs a long time ago and the rock got smaller and smaller before they stopped that. There were many things to do in Plymouth and we did walk the downtown area seeing a few of the monuments and memorials as well as the Mayflower II but we moved on to see the Cape.

Our first stop after the rock was to check out the RV park we did not get into...I'm okay with the mix-up the spot we got has a way better view and a bath house, it's all good! We spent too much time trying to find really small light houses that are not really reachable via car. We also stopped in to tour the Cape Cod Potato Chip factory, what's not to like? Two free bags of chips on the way out the door, woohoo for salt and vinegar!

 Cape Cod Chips...extremely CRUNCHY :)

But before it was all over we did get to see several "lights" as they call them here. We also made it all the way to the end of the Cape and biked around Provincetown. It was quaint and very artsy with somewhat eclectic residents. 

I had lobsta salad for lunch and it was goooood!!!!

On our way out of town we decided to hit the beach for a looksy and lo and behold MiRV spotted whale spouts. We quickly retrieved the binoculars and searched the waters for more sightings. They were there and just as quickly gone. I saw four spouting, two breaches and one tail up. It was incredible. I would have loved to have seen them up closer but this was still incredible!

We also stopped and scored a few looks at lighthouses, good looks not just "oh, it's over there..." looks. These had parking which is a huge bonus even if we did have to walk a ways to see them, worth it!

The Nauset light is the one on the Cape Cod Potato Chip bag!


This is the Cap Code light and the Three Sister's lights. 

Bonus was windmills, there were several but this is the only one I got a photo of, it was actually a business but they had others that were at one time functioning. 

I think it would have been neat to spend a little more time here and visiting the little towns that were very unique and full of interesting things to see and do. Maybe even would have taken the ferry to Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket with our bikes.

MiRV is still fighting sinus issues if you are keeping up...


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