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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Miscellaneous Boston!

This is a great town!

We did the historic touring downtown and then we also spent some time venturing out and just taking in the area!

We checked out Harvard Square in Cambridge. Since it is a college town we thought pizza had to be good there so we opted to go local and grab a pie, take it to the park and people watch. It was incredibly entertaining. Not just the people watching but the entertainment was awesome too. There was a young woman playing the violin and we enjoyed it immensely as well as our pizza!

 Hawthrone House-also where George Washington lived.

 Pre-dinner treat...choco-coconut cake, oh my!

 Pizza from Noch's, enjoyed in the park!

Sunday a.m. we headed to the SoWa market to toodle through the eclectic stalls of art, food and stuff. Very cool stuff I might add. Lots and lots of vintage. Then there was a food truck gathering about a block down so we got lunch from there. We opted for a BBQ pork sandwich. Tasty! For dessert we wondered back into the stalls and found a maple bacon donut that was ah-mazing. I am thinking I need to ride my bike more if we keep eating like this. It's not a good thing.

After the market we made our way to Fenway!

MiRV at Fenway

Wondered through Beacon Hill, which is the swanky area and ended up down by the wharf. Watching the big tall ships and ferries, and yachts was fun. Another fun day in the Beantown! 

And now we have packed up and will continue on north in the morning. Destination Acadia National Park. We will be off the grid while there. We will also have no hookups and no shower house. I am  excited and a bit terrified in the same breath. Posts will pop up as I can and they will be backdated so don't trip out when you see things that were not there last time you checked in! LOL I am trying to keep up but without consistent internet it is VERY difficult!

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