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Monday, June 2, 2014

nyc #1

Oh my, oh my ohmyohmyohmy...sensory OVERLOAD and amazing in the wildest way's unbelievable and words will not be able to justly describe it for me. I will be digesting it for days years, yes, years to come. There is soooooo much to say about this city. Finding the words to capture our visit here is not easy. I have tried but I know this post is totally inadequate. I think if it weren't so expensive here I could live in a small boro and love the life, it's a neat, neat, neat city with so many things to do and see I think it would be kind of cool (for awhile anyway).

And what can I say I love, love, LOVED my first Broadway musical!!! We did do Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in London; it was awesome. I did Lion King in Vegas it was incredible. Jersey Boys in NYC was PHEEEEEENOmenallllllll. Oh my, just so so amazing; I was awed throughout and loved and sang along with most all the songs. And what a back story to the success of Frankie Valli. Our second show, a matinee, we scored the tickets through the ticket "lottery" which was awesome since it was on our anniversary. We had tried getting tickets via the lottery for Wicked without success on our first day and we also tried the lottery for an evening performance on our anniversary without success. I would do it again in a heartbeat since it was a HUGE money saver and the tickets were totally acceptable.

Seeing sooooo many HUGE buildings just totally blew my mind, my head was constantly rotating upward to take it in, it seriously was a lot to process and I still am, seriously, I am. Such a hubbub of activity EVERYWHERE we went and it was amazing. I loved the buildings, the details, the architecture of some that were old, with their intricacies and character, yet the smooth hardness of the newer modern ones. The New York Public Library was incredible, I am so glad we did stop in, the building itself was a treat for the eyes and then to see the children's book exhibit with the original Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals, wow! MiRV was a little like "whaaaaat" when I said I would like to pop into the library, but he did think it was very cool once we were there!

NYC Public Library

Seeing the Statue of Liberty in the harbor was cool too, smaller then I had always imagined it but still an amazing American icon to see! Riding the Staten Island Ferry was neat too! The view of the skyline was incredible. We did not go up in the Statue of Liberty.

Seeing the WTC memorial was amazing, it was so well done, it was fitting, it was classy, it made the Pentagon memorial look sadly inadequate IMO. If you recall I was not pleased with the Pentagon memorial. Seeing the WTC memorial I know my gut feeling was right, the Pentagon memorial is just lacking and the disrespect of the visitors was just that disrespect. I was so disappointed. The WTC was all that and more that a memorial should be in my mind. It rivaled the OKC bombing memorial, both are incredibly well done.

Times Square was not near as big as I would have thought but the electronic signs themselves were HUGE. Like jumbotrons on steroids everywhere you looked. It had that Vegas feel to it. In fact that is exactly what I thought as soon as I saw it, this reminds me of Vegas!

Central Park was a H U G E park and kudos to whoever made that happen right smackdab in the middle of this hubbub of activity to make a greenspace such as that. I loved it and we enjoyed it. Very much a park on all levels, playgrounds, pond, volleyball courts, squares, bridges, amphitheater, trees, lots of grassy areas, flowers, etc it was great! If I lived here I would go there a lot to just enjoy the surroundings of the greenery.

 Enjoying Central Park!


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