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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Freedom Trail & Battle Road Trail

Nothing like knocking yourselves out to do two trails back to back. One walking, one biking...I for one am moving a bit more slowing as my feet and legs are s.o.r.e!

Freedom Trail was an incredible journey that made us rack our brains trying to recall American history. Things that you KNOW you learned but really have forgotten. It's a bit sad and somewhat embarrassing too. Thankfully, there are great signs along the trail to help fill in the gaps we forgot or remembered a bit wrong.

 Revere's Grave / King's Chapel / Old North Church

Lunch was a grilled mac and cheese with bacon on it...I've never heard of it but it's a local favorite so I tried it. Not bad at all!

The Old State House / Faneuil Hall

At the trails end we decided to go on and head over to the Battle of Bunker Hill monument. We also decided to go up in said monument. Yes, and did I mention there are 294 stairs. Uh huh and we walked them all the way to the top. I was outofbreath and a bit dewy when I got there. Thankfully, I didn't hurl, someone did right after we came down though and I know with all that I know had I been there when that happened I would have too. Okay, enough on that, seriously! Moving on...

Yes, I am all smiley prior to the climb...

The stats, you got the 294 stairs, right?

The view looking up from the ground.

At the top and dewy from the 294 stairs I climbed!

 Our treat for all that walking was the stop off at Mike's Pastry for cannoli's. The BEST cannoli I have EVER had, even when we were in Italy. These were good, really good. If you ever get to Boston I think this should be added to your itinerary. And the locals will tell you that only tourist go here but who cares the cannoli speaks for itself. It's located in Little Italy so if you are looking for Italian food there seemed to be lots of choices and if we were eating dinner we would have definitely looked for a place in this area. However, we had fajitas in the RV.

Early, well relatively speaking early, when you are semi retired traveling in an RV anyway, this morning we headed to the Battle Road Trail. We hopped on the trail on our bikes and road the entire way. What a way to relive the start of the Revolutionary Way. The trail from the Fiske House to the Old North Bridge was 8.2 miles. Yes, I know, and since we biked, we had to get ourselves back to the car so it was a round trip of over 16 miles. Yes, I am sore! But it was a great day and there was lots of shade and we rested by walking through the town of Concord not to mention the walk UP to the Minute Man Visitor Center from the Old North Bridge. 

 Ready to ride!

 Sailing down the trail!

Still on the trail!

 Beautiful church we passed in Concord

 On the North Bridge

It was a great day, but I know I am going to feel a bit sore tomorrow!

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