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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Niagara Falls

What can I say...not exactly what I was here's what I can say.

Parking – unbelievable
American View – ehhhh
Lights on the falls at night – neat!
Canadian View – SPECTACULAR
Number of tourist – UNBELIEVABLE
Paying .50 to re-enter the U.S.A – surprising
Prices for food on the Canadian side – HIGH

We arrived in the park and I was so glad we did NOT drive the RV, it is crazy filled with people roaming around every where and no one staying in the crosswalks. Hundreds of cars vying for very little state park parking spots. Then add in the huge tour buses trying to navigate the streets to drop off and pick up tourist, it was just really not a place to be in an RV. Since the park parking was full we found a private parking garage and popped up $10 to get a spot. All was well until we “bump” the top of the garage, Yes, we have the surf board and SUP on top and even though we made it under the entry bar that height did not apply to the entire garage. Just another great memory as we pull over in an “open” area to swap it around and cinch in down a bit tighter and make our way to a spot. Ahhhh the joys of traveling with stuff!

We made our way to the falls and really couldn’t see much so we headed to Canada and really saw the falls. It was definitely spectacular and amazing and unreal to think of the amount of water you are watching. It’s not like at an amusement park, they are not recycling the water to make this happen, this is water flowing in an amazing way. Another of God’s amazing creations we are privileged to be able to enjoy up close and personal!

The bridge we crossed on foot to get into ONTARIO, Canada! That's another province for us bytheway and I was cheesy and ask for a passport stamp as we entered! She didn't want to but she did. AND make sure to have 50 cents in American money to cross back over to the USA! That's your free tip for the day!!!

Canadian side...

 My MiRV!!


Canada definitely has the view...and BONUS-double rainbow. Nearly every time you looked at the falls throughout the afternoon there were rainbows on and off. Once in a while there were double rainbows, it was pretty amazing! Very beautiful and powerful to see.

We decided to stay on the Canadian side to see the falls after dark. They light the falls, who knew? It’s a view to be seen. The clear lights make them even more brilliant. Then they sequence through red, blue, purple, yellow and maybe a few other colors and it’s really neat to see.

Oh, and finally I see a moose…
As we left to re-enter the USA I had an inkling of dread in light of our other recent border crossing adventures! However, it was a piece of cake and other then the surprise of needing .50 cents it was smooth sailing!

Leaving the area was again a traffic challenge (think wrong road, toll bridge, long way around to get where we were going!) so I was glad when we finally made our way back to our spot at Wal-Mart in Batavia which was a great quiet, level spot!


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